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Missing you so much 💜 xxx
Love Lisa 💕😘 xxx August 24th, 2023
Happy 60th Birthday Brian We would have been having a fabulous party for your 60th with our family and friends 🎉🎂🍻🥂💙 xxx We would have been travelling to see the ‘ ice roads ‘ as we planned then our Alaskan cruise which we’d talked about all through covid. We will take you there sometime maybe for my 60th. Hope your having a large gin and celebrating with your mam, Dotty & Klaas. We love you and miss you so very much 💕🥰 xxxxxxxx
Love Lisa, Josh, Sean, Luke, Hannah, Abbie, Ted & Murphy xxxxxxxx July 1st, 2023
To the best Dad ever, we love you 💙💙💙
Josh, Sean & Luke xxx June 18th, 2023
We send this Easter egg with hugs and kisses, to you up in heaven that we love and miss. We miss you, we think about you, we will never forget you. Happy heavenly Easter 🐣🐣🐣
Love from Lisa 💖💙💙💙💖💖 xxxxxx April 10th, 2023
Happy heavenly Valentines Day Brian 💜 I send this heart to you with my love, hugs and kisses. I miss you, think about you, and you are forever in my heart. Gone from my life but never forgotten. I love you 💕🥰 xxx
Love always & forever, Lisa 💕😘 xxx February 14th, 2023
Remembering all the special times we all shared together 💜 xxxxx
Love always 💖 Lisa, Josh,Sean,Luke,Hannah & Abbie 💖💙💙💙💖💖 xxxxxx February 4th, 2023
Miss you every minute of every day, love you 💕😘 xxx
Love Lisa 🥰 xxxxxxxx December 26th, 2022
Happy heavenly wedding anniversary to you Love you always and forever 🥂💙💖 xx
Love Lisa xx November 16th, 2022
Missing you 💜 xxx
Love Lisa 💕😘 xxx August 17th, 2022
Brian 💜 You may have left our lives but you will never leave our hearts xxxx Happy heavenly birthday Love from all of us 💖💙💙💙💖💖 xxxxxx
Lisa, Josh, Sean & Luke xxxx July 1st, 2022
If we could write a story it would be the finest ever told about a special husband and Dad who had the kindest heart of gold. We’ll cherish the beautiful memories and your love will be our guide and although we cannot see you, you’re always by our side……. 💜 Love you always and forever xxxxxxx
Love Lisa, Josh, Sean, Luke & Hannah 💖💙💙💙💖 xxxxx June 8th, 2022
We finally got to Cyprus, where you always wanted to go, we’ve celebrated Josh’s Birthday today, you would love it here. Missing you so much 💜 xxxxxxx
Love Lisa 💕🥰 xxxxxxx May 18th, 2022
Our hearts are full of memories, with pride we speak your name. Though our lives go on without you, it will never be the same 💙 15 long months without you here with us, it doesn’t get any easier. Love and miss you always 💕😘 xxxxxxx
Lisa, Josh, Sean, Luke & Hannah xxxxxxx May 3rd, 2022
Spending family time together this Easter, you would have loved it at “ The Snug “ We all miss you so much, love you always 💖💙💙💙💖💙 xxxxxx
Love from Lisa, Josh, Sean, Luke, Hannah & Ted xxxxxx April 17th, 2022
This is the kind of day you loved, watching the sun go down, peace & quiet with your gin & tonic with loads of ice. Wish we were still having these days. Missing you Brian 💙 xxxxxx
Love Lisa 💕 xxxxxx April 3rd, 2022
Forever in our hearts Love you always & forever 💜
Lisa,Josh,Sean,Luke,Hannah & Ted xxxxxx March 8th, 2022
Tanya x💙💙 February 26th, 2022
Brian, you will forever be a part of us and live on in our hearts. Heaven’s gain is our loss 💔 Sending you all of our love 💖💙💙💙💖💙 xxxxxx
Lisa, Josh, Sean, Luke, Hannah & Ted xxxxxx January 19th, 2022
There’s a little place within my heart, that is with me everyday. A place where all my memories are softly tucked away. It is the perfect place, at special times for me to go. For words can not explain, how much I miss you so 💙 xxxxxx
Lisa 💙💖 xxxxxxx January 5th, 2022
You may be heaven this Christmas, but you will always be in our thoughts and in our hearts forever. Missing you 💙 All our love today and forever Lisa, Josh, Sean, Luke, Hannah & Ted 💖💙💙💙💖💙 xxxxxx
Love Lisa 💕😘 xxxxxx December 26th, 2021
With all the celebrations and Christmas drawing near, what a lovely time we’d have if only you were here. We’d spend so many happy hours the way we did before, Christmas is for loved ones and I couldn’t love you more. When I wake on Christmas Day I’ll look to heaven above, I’ll remember every smile and think of you with love 💙 xxxxxx. Missing you always 💖 xxx
Lisa 💕😘 xxxxxx December 15th, 2021
Although you sleep in heaven now, your not that far away My heart is full of memories, and your with me every day You lived your life with meaning, and with a smile upon your face A world that was full of happiness, is now an empty place People say that only time, will heal my broken heart But just like you and me Brian, our world was torn apart Love you forever and always 💕 xxxxxx
Love from Lisa xxxxx December 3rd, 2021
Today would have been our 30th wedding anniversary - celebrating with pearls Marriage…… is the reason Lifelong friendship is the gift Kindness is the cause Til’ death do us part is the length 💔 Happy heavenly anniversary my darling Brian I love you today and forever, missing you so much Your best friend and wife, Lisa 🥲💕 xxxxxx
Brian, you are missed each and every day, for you were Someone special 💙 who meant more than words can say Love you 💕😘 xxxxxx